Akira epic comics issue 29

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    D Cleavageimage

    Like, this is a new frontier of objectifying costume design for dudebros. There’s something about it that is so perfect, so disempowering for the wearer/titillating to the viewer. Also lookit that baby-smooth wax job. It’s got all the vulnerability of cleavage with none of the power of a naked schlong. This is a costume that says “no one cares about your muscles, dudebro, show us some d.”

    this is incredible

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    inspired when listening to “Seven Devils” by Florence and The Machine

    this was actually drawn weeks ago but i just continued it today bc art blooock

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    and I rehearsing our extended fight scene! and r gonna kick e\o’s butts!

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    Mason Weems, everybody.

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    starting off a new sketchbook with some weird shiz. also I found gold paint so expect me to abuse the heck out of it.

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    Saw these while lurking hildidrawsdicks' blog, but only one was in the main post while the others were just added in the captions and in gray box form. I think they all deserve to be seen in the main post, yes? (source)

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    "A good horse is of no particular color" (x)

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    girlfriends wearing tiny overall shorts with strawberries all over them and leggings as pants, because why not, they’re hot and can pull them off (later) hahahhaa

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