also people should keep in mind that sometimes when an artist says “doodle" what they mean is "stress-free art”. that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “doodle” they made is something that they didn’t work hard at or didn’t spend a long time on. some people get really out of control when they see impressive works and the artist write “just a doodle” and they think, this is it, this is the end, im no longer going to be an artist, how can i possibly compare myself.

    sometimes “just a doodle” means “not working on commissions or something work-based”, so don’t fret yourselves. plus not everyone who posts art plans on a bunch of people seeing it. you don’t really expect your stupid poorly written artist caption to be seen by a lot of people via reblogs,

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    if pooh bear can wear a crop top so can i

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    A comic page and other drawings from this month.

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    Salvador Dali by Carl Van Vechten

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    want a drawing?

    cool, because i want to draw something for you. i will draw you practically anything you want including but not limited to: gross gnarled monsters, people in t-shirts with sweat stains, cityscapes, giant robots, snarling anthropomorphic wolves, you name a subject and i will try my hand at it. i will draw nudity, but i will not draw anything explicitly nsfw.

    a simplified breakdown of pricing:


    • bust - 20 USD
    • full body - 30 USD
    • full illustration with background - 50 USD*

    colored illustrations

    • bust - 40 USD
    • full body - 50 USD
    • full illustration with background - 100 USD*

    *price can vary depending on the complexity of the subject

    i’ll take three commissions at a time and then open up slots again when i finish them. signal boosts are greatly appreciated! ; - )

    if you’d like to contact me about pricing/ordering, please send me an email at and thanks for taking the time to look!

    Ren’s a great person and artist. Check out their stuff!

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    Portugal Hyperlapse/Timelapse (Lisbon & Sesimbra)


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    I just want to be muscular and walk around naked all the time.

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    Chris Evans’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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